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February 8, 2013
Windows Phone Developer Blog

Looking for an app idea? Designers need developers

We often hear from developers that they are looking for the next great app idea. They know how to build apps but just haven’t found the right thing to work on.
So if you can’t design your way out of a paper bag but have great development skills, this is for you!

The Windows Phone “App to the Future” Design Challenge organized by Core77 is closing in a few days (Feb 10, 2013), and winners of the best design concepts will be announced in a few weeks.
We expect that many of the finalist designers will need help from developers to get their apps built and published.

Last year’s edition of the challenge gave life to some amazing apps, which you can check out here.


How to team up with an App to the Future designer?
Here’s how to team up with an App to the Future designer to build out a Windows Phone 8 app and have a chance to win a phone (see here for the details):


Signing up does not obligate you to partner with a designer, but it could be a great opportunity to form a team. Core77 will provide a generic template that you can use formalize your team.

Good luck!

JC Cimetiere – @jccim