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September 17, 2013
Windows Phone Developer Blog

Make your mobile website into a Windows Phone app

This blog post was authored by Mark Hopkins, a Senior Content Developer on the Windows Phone Developer Content team.

– Adam

Did you know that the time and resources you’ve invested building your mobile website can translate simply and easily into a hybrid web app that’s ready to publish in the Windows Phone Store? A hybrid web app is a cross-over solution that bridges HTML5 content with C# to access Windows Phone specific features.

Because a hybrid web app is a Windows Phone app, it gives you a presence in the Windows Phone Store and it adds features that can give it winning advantages over a website alone.

With a hybrid web app you can:

  • Reuse the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you’ve already created in your mobile website
  • Bridge JavaScript calls with C# to access the Windows Phone platform
  • Reduce development costs by extending your investments across multiple platforms (take a look at frameworks such as PhoneGap, which provide additional cross-platform capabilities)

Check out the new Dev Center article Your mobile website as a Windows Phone app and the Hybrid Web App SDK sample that demonstrate how to create a hybrid web app based on your own mobile website.