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August 13, 2014

Opportunity: Target Windows with your Unity Games. Hands-on training and offers to help you get started

If you are a game developer today, you know how critical Unity is; the Unity toolset and cross-platform game engine is used by developers to build some of the most compelling games being released today. Microsoft is taking steps to ensure that it’s not only easy to build outstanding Unity games for Windows, but also easy for developers who currently have Unity games on other platforms, to bring those games to Windows.

With the recent release of Unity version 4.5.3, Unity now supports universal Windows apps, allowing developers to leverage much of the same code to deliver games for both Windows and Windows Phone. The addition of the UnityVS tools for Visual Studio also radically accelerates your development times, by giving you the ability to debug games directly from the popular and powerful Visual Studio tools.

In addition to these recent updates, we want to make sure you’re aware of a few upcoming offers and events:

  1. Windows Platform at Unite 2014. This year, Unity’s premier developer event is taking place in our home town, Seattle, next week, Wednesday 8/20 – Friday 22. If you’re attending, make sure and join us for our session “Using Unity to Target the Windows Phone, Windows Store and Xbox” on Thursday 8/21 from 3-4 PM.
  2. Unity for Windows Training and Windows Platform Porting lab 8/19. We’re hosting a Unity Training and Windows Porting Lab event at the Westin Hotel in Seattle the day before, (Wednesday 8/19, 8 AM – 6 PM), where our expert technical evangelists will be on hand, both delivering introductory sessions for those unfamiliar with Unity, and providing expert guidance on exactly how to bring your existing Unity games on other platforms to Windows. Sign up now and get more information here.
  3. Unity for Windows Platform Developer Offer. If you’ve built games on Unity, but not yet targeted the Windows Platform, we’re very eager to show you how. To make it even easier, we have an offer to enable you to get a free device, a Unity store voucher, promotion review and more. Find out more about how you can apply at
  4. If you aren’t going to Unite Seattle, but are still interested in porting an existing Unity game to Windows, check out our online course on Microsoft Virtual Academy. You’ll find all you need to know to learn how to increase your income and customer base by bringing your games to Windows.
  5. If you haven’t yet investigated building games with Unity, but are intrigued, fear not. We have great online content that will walk you through the basics. Check out the on demand video training on Building Windows Games with Unity on Channel 9 to get started.

Microsoft is committed to giving developers what they need to build outstanding games for Windows. Whether you are a current Unity game developer, or an aspiring one, we hope you can participate in one of the events, programs, or online trainings available this month. Game development is perhaps the most rapidly growing sector of the mobile app space, and the opportunities are continuing to grow. Go get started!