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August 15, 2014

//publish/ – connecting the world’s developers results in innovative apps

In May this year, we wrapped up the incredibly successful //publish/ event series—imagined by developers for developers to connect developers worldwide at the same time. While Microsoft organized events across 60 locations, Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) community organized numerous satellite events all over the world.

//publish/ succeeded in both of its goals. First, we wanted to help developers the world over connect with Microsoft employees and experts so they could seek technical guidance, and second, we wanted to create a venue for peer-to-peer support and brainstorming.

The //publish/ event series took place in 60 cities and nearly 40 countries over two days. Non-stop coding sessions provided developers the opportunity to seek expert support on their in-progress app projects, to borrow testing devices, and to compete for prizes.

No matter where a developer attended an event, he or she could connect with developers at all the other worldwide events via “The Board,” a dynamic dashboard that streamed live video, shared local Xbox Music playlists, spotlighted individual devs, and showcased apps. The result was a globally-connected Microsoft developer community.

Through the //publish/ events, we have seen developers’ creativity and innovation, and we’ve witnessed the potential to change the world by making people more connected and productive. And the passion and commitment was palpable; one of the attendees commented in a post to The Board: “When it was 3 in the morning, and we could barely keep our eyes open, it was motivating to see everyone excited and ready to go in Beijing!”  

We continue to award these developers’ innovation by recognizing the best applications in four categories: Best Windows Phone 8.1 app; Best Windows 8.1 app; App Innovation and Design; Best Cross Platform App. And the winners are…

Best Windows Phone 8.1 app



Winners of the $10 000 Ultimate Dev Cave:

Student:Sticky Notes HD Thomas Tsopanakis
With Sticky Notes HD, you can jot down notes and reminders that matter

Small Business: I, Marble Octagon Games
A retro 80s classic game where gamers will navigate their marbles through 18 complex levels in three worlds.

Individual: X Assistakshay2000
The ultimate XBMC Windows Phone client.

Winners of the Lumia 1520 :

Student: Haberci, CloudMesh Pro, 60 Numbers*, MapleStory 2 App Beta*,KdyKde??*

Small Business: Aerize Explorer Pro*, attigo, Lumi, Penalty Decider

Individual: NGOConnect, Lights of Cali, Engineering Tuts, Blue Skies, Over Here, Sketch Touch, Quiz Patente 2014 + Manuale, Plider*, Movie Maker 8.1*

Breakthrough in App Innovation and Design


Winners of the Makerbot 3D printer:

Student:Kopy, Ouadie BOUSSAID
Kopy is the fastest way to copy text from different devices

Small Business: LocalEvents for Facebook, Findback
Helps track friends’ Facebook events; and also helps plan activities for users’ free time

Individual: FasText Pro, Magnateworks
Create your Fast Messages just once, pin them to start screen and just tap them whenever you want to send message.

Winners of the Lumia 1520 :

Student: Matatu, FileEx, mapiX, Fake BSOD, Merge Photo*, Right or Left*, My Quote’s*, Wikipedia*, USyd 1st Year*

Small Business: 同程旅游, BabybestFriend*, MonsterUp Candy Run*, Graylogic Technologies*, Brickvoid*, 锋绘*, Block x 3, Dino Tribes*, Clipboarder*

Individual: City Transit, TwixT, Mystical Threes, 100 Sucos Medicinais,Circle Notes, Fruity Mix*, Battery Alive*, Home DJ*, FunCAD*

Best Windows 8.1 app 


Winners of the trip to the US Formula 1 Grand Prix:

Student:Resolve, Pratik Mohapatra
Resolve is a cloud based app in which the data can be accessed across all the devices of the user.

Small Business: Skateboard Party 2, Ratrod Studio Inc
Skateboard Party 2 brings all the fun of skateboarding to the mobile device allowing gamers to ride in 8 unique locations

Individual: Secret Album, 다람쥐이
Secret Album allows you to manage photos through folders and password protect them.

Winners of the Lumia 1520:

Student: ScreenMock

Small Business: Resume Creator Pro*, Bridge Constructor,Dood Drop, Metro Traffic Simulator, Cool Times, Tudeng TV, DSTalker*, InRow Classic*

Individual: HTML5 Editor, Games for my kids, Play TV, Cost Today, Quiz Music*, 2048 Pro*, Lapped*,Verisafe*, Luffy le Husky*


Best Cross-Platform Apps




Winners of the Makerbot 3D printer:

Student:BitMaze, LatApps
Navigate through moving maze by tilting your phone or using onscreen controls. The longer you can avoid hitting the left wall, the more points you get!

Small Business: Secours Routier, SouchProd
This app provides emergency personnel (mainly fire emergency teams) with important information that helps them with their rescue operations

Individual: Task me for Windows, vSoft Studio
Task Me enables users to set reminder for their friend(s).

Winners of the Lumia 1520:

Student: The MoonWalker, GPA Calculator Pro, The Riddles Game, Bouncy 48*,Karma*

Small Business: Chess Clock, Pongarena*, Bumblebee Alda*, Musik Together*, Dragon Match: Numbers*, Voider

Individual: Super Tap Ultra, Cool Photo Effects, Lighthouse, KeepTrack, An Indie Game 2, My First Clock, Stanje na putevima u BiH*, Grow 2048!*, Riddle Hunt*

If you see a small red star next to the name of your app, this means you have been contacted by our Fulfillment agency HelloWorld (formerly known as ePrize) and we are awaiting your acceptance of your prize. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Congratulations to all participating developers for their awesome apps.