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February 26, 2015

Windows App Studio adds logo and image wizard, improved Facebook and YouTube integration and new themes

Windows App Studio Beta today released its latest update bringing new features including a full-featured logo and image wizard with built in image controls and conversion tools, plus improved Facebook and YouTube DataSources matching their latest API releases.

As content providers move toward secure access, Windows App Studio is staying ahead of this curve, continuing to provide secure access to all the DataSources your users are looking for.

Improvements have been made to the logo and image wizard with 8 new app themes and the ability to further customize coloration and imagery. We also have added the ability to use an image as a header instead of the default text.

For all of you in the Windows Insider Program using Windows 10 on PCs, Tablets, and Phones, you’ll notice that your Windows App Studio apps work great with your new Operating System.

New Logo and Image Wizard
One of the most requested features in Windows App Studio is built-in image controls. It is now possible to add a .jpeg or .png file to then be automatically populated to all the necessary tiles, splash screens and icons. Zoom and crop within the tool, allowing the ability to focus your time creating better experiences from your content.

AppStudio 1
AppStudio 2

Facebook and YouTube OAuth Integration
As the modern web moves away from anonymous API Access and toward required authorization, we will continue to add this level of integration into Windows App Studio. With this release, the Facebook and YouTube connectors have been updated to use the latest APIs, similar to the Instagram and Twitter integration introduced in our last release. This also allows for a greater range of content display types for each data source. For example with our new YouTube DataSource you can choose playlists, searches, or a full user feed.

8 New Fully Customizable Themes
Another highly requested feature for Windows App Studio has been the ability to further customize the appearance and feel of your apps. We’ve taken your feedback and have released 8 preconfigured theme templates, similar to PowerPoint. Or if you prefer, just start with a blank canvas. You can change the background and appbar colors, as well as text size and colors. Additionally, we’ve added a property to define the color that some layouts use to avoid contrast problems. Along with this feature we have added the ability to use an image as a header, instead of the default text used in previous iterations.

AppStudio 3

Along with all of the aforementioned improvements, we have also enhanced the following features:

  • Improved HowTo formatting for easier, intuitive navigation
  • Improved simulator
  • Improved screenshots
  • A fully responsive Home Page

We’re excited to see what our 2.5 million Windows App Studio users think about the release. With these advancements, App Studio users will be able to expand their development skills and improve the quality of the apps produced.