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April 21, 2015

Visual Studio for Game Development: New Partnerships with Unity, Unreal Engine and Cocos2d

Windows game developers now have the benefit of easier Visual Studio setup alongside top gaming engine installers from partners Unity Technologies, Epic Games and Chuckong Technologies. Last year’s announcement of Visual Studio Community edition brought the full power of Visual Studio to  developers building cross-platform apps, such as professional-grade editing features, code analysis tools and debugging support. Building on that, this announcement makes access to these capabilities much easier through the Unity, Unreal and Cocos2d engines.

Together, we are making it even easier for game developers to use the rich capabilities of the Visual Studio IDE to develop games for today’s most popular platforms. Each of these top gaming engines’ installers will now offer the ability to co-install Visual Studio Community on Windows, along with the plug-ins required for Windows developers building for these engines. In addition, we will make it easier to discover and use the tools for Unity, Unreal and Cocos2d from within Visual Studio 2015. 

Check out the full details on the Visual Studio blog, and get started building games.