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May 22, 2015

Check out the Build Day 2 Keynote for a Great Introduction to the Universal Windows Platform

At Build 2015, David Treadwell and Kevin Gallo provided a great introduction to the Universal Windows Platform and several of  the Windows 10 features developers can enable.

With over 2,500 new platform features for your app to leverage, the Universal Windows Platform makes it easier to design, develop, debug and distribute your app. For example, using one set of controls across all devices allows your app be responsive to window/screen size and to the user’s input method, whether touch or mouse.

Here is David’s overview in which he introduces the Universal Windows Platform and talks about how it will enable you to create amazing apps that may be used across Windows 10 devices.  After David (at 23:45), Kevin demonstrates how to create an app that leverages DireckInk and the new Map control, and makes use of Visual State triggers to have an adaptive user interface.  He also shows how to build in app-to-app communication, use drag and drop, detect sensors, and target multiple device families such as PC, tablet, phone, Surface Hub, IoT, Xbox One and HoloLens.

Be sure to check out the Build 2015 site to view all of the keynotes plus nearly 200 sessions and Channel 9 interviews.