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August 31, 2015

Update to Developer’s Guide to Windows 10 video series

What better way to get up to speed with building Universal Windows apps than to immerse yourself in the updated Microsoft Virtual Academy training course, the Developer’s Guide to Windows 10, led by Andy Wigley and Shen Chauhan. This newly updated version of the series requires Windows 10 build 10240 or later and Visual Studio 2015 RTM.  If you want to download the source code, head to GitHub.

This new update walks you through the new capabilities in Blend for building adaptive UI and gives you a run-through of the new tooling in Visual Studio for diagnosing performance problems. It introduces the ways that you can expand human-machine interaction beyond mouse and keyboard and incorporating great features such as face recognition, ink input and voice interaction. We also refreshed some of the best content from the Tech Preview, such as tile and notification improvements, app services, cloud integration, and XAML performance enhancements such as compiled data binding. And based on your feedback that the earlier MVA at three days was too long, we shortened the session to two days, though we’ve also kept some of the original sessions available as on-demand additional content.

If you prefer not to learn in a structured manner through Microsoft Virtual Academy, you can view the session recordings on demand at Channel 9.

We hope you have a fun time with the series and please provide feedback so we can continue to improve the training in the future.