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October 23, 2015

Windows 10 UWP app templates for Adobe Photoshop

Until now, Universal Windows Platform app design templates were only available in Adobe Illustrator and PowerPoint. Sparked by your feedback at Build 2015, the UWP design templates now include Adobe Photoshop. Gain access to the latest and greatest UWP design elements including common controls, patterns, theme colors, and type styles. To get started, simply copy elements from the templates into your own Photoshop files. Using the templates will help you achieve polished designs more quickly and provide a more accurate glimpse of what your UI will look like as a finished product. If you want to create an app that fits within the Windows family, these are a great tool for you.

There is a template with nine different screen sizes for creating mockups which can help you visualize how your app will scale across all devices, from the smallest phone to a large desktop. We look forward to seeing what you’ll create next and encourage you to check back for updates to the templates as Windows evolves. If you have additional feedback, head over to the Windows platform developer User Voice

Download the UWP app design templates for Adobe Photoshop

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