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August 23, 2016

Announcing the “App Dev on Xbox” live event

Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released earlier this month and became instantly available to all existing Windows 10 devices, including PCs, phones, Xbox Ones, IoT boards and more – upwards of 350 million devices. Immediately following the update, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK, build 14393, was made accessible to any developer who wishes to build UWP applications that, for the first time ever, also target Xbox One consoles. The Anniversary Update SDK is everything developers need to start building apps for all Windows 10 devices including the Xbox One and Xbox One S. And that’s not all: with upcoming Dev Center features, developers will be able to submit apps for Xbox One among other devices.


With so many great new features and APIs to talk about, we are excited to announce the “App Dev on Xbox” live online event where engineers will spend one day covering the new Anniversary Update SDK capabilities that enable you to build great app experiences for the TV and across other device form factors. The event will cover topics around:

  • the Anniversary Update SDK and getting started with app development on Xbox One
  • deep dive into developing apps using both XAML and Web technologies
  • guidance for designing and creating impressive TV experiences and
  • submitting your apps via the Dev Center to all UWP devices including the Xbox

Last, but not least, anyone will have an opportunity to submit questions to the presenters in a live expert panel made up of the engineers building the platform and SDK.

The event will take place on August 30th at 9:00am PST and it is open to everyone. Head on over to the event page to add it to your calendar now and join the conversation on Twitter using #XboxAppDev where live Q&A will take place during the event.

Get started now!

In the meantime, you can get started today by downloading the free Visual Studio Community 2015 and the Anniversary Update SDK. Activate Developer Mode on your retail Xbox One or Xbox One S and checkout the docs. And make sure to visit the event page for a lot more resources and regular updates up to the event.

Following the live event, make sure to visit the Building Windows Apps blog where every week in the month of September and October we will be open sourcing a new app sample demonstrating an innovative app experience that shines on the Xbox and extends to other UWP devices. Get inspired to develop for the living room and beyond while discovering powerful platform features that will enrich your apps. For game developers, make sure to visit the ID@Xbox page and sign up for the program to get access to publishing games, or get started by creating and testing UWP games for your own Xbox One device right now.

Until then, happy coding.

Michael Crump, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Nikola Metulev, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft