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August 31, 2016

Helpshift releases Windows SDK

In-app customer service provider Helpshift just announced a Windows version of their SDK. Helpshift has reinvented the customer service industry by deflecting customer service requests away from traditional phone and email channels towards in-app self-service channels. Helpshift’s SDK functionality includes searchable FAQs, in-app chat, CRM ticketing and in-app surveys.

Helpshift customers see a boost in app ratings and higher customer satisfaction, app retention and monetization. The Windows 10 release is one of the first versions of the Helpshift SDK that will operate across both mobile and desktop landscapes.

Helpshift’s Key Features Include:

  • Searchable FAQsIMAGE1
    • Powerful FAQ search algorithms gives faster access to FAQs
    • FAQs are cached on devices so they are fully searchable offline
    • Native FAQs work in over 30 languages
  • Intelligent ticket routing
  • Real time data on device, operating system, browser type
  • Ticket analysis and reporting
  • Users connect with support via web, email, and mobile app

The Helpshift Dashboard

Helpshift has a powerful analytics dashboard for a high level view of ticketing and resolving issues.


Helpshift’s agent scoring functionality measures numerous KPIs – displayed on an easy-to-read report. The report allows a high level view of agent performance and shows the rate at which tickets are resolved.


The individual ticket view allows the agent to use valuable user data to resolve a ticket quickly. It is also a valuable tool to determine the overall satisfaction and performance of an app.


Building a list of searchable FAQs is both simple and able to support multiple languages.


Installing Helpshift

  • Download the SDK for Windows 10
  • Install references and add the SDK reference
  • Add localization reference
  • Add theming references

Initializing Helpshift in Your App

Helpshift identifies each unique registered app utilizing a combination of 3 tokens.

  • API Key: Your unique developer API Key
  • Domain Key: Your Helpshift domain name without the “http” prefix or slashes
  • App ID: App’s unique ID

To initialize Helpshift, simply call Helpshift.Windows10.SDK. Helpshift’s install function.

For example:

using hs = Helpshift.Windows10.SDK.Helpshift ;
hs.Install(<apikey>,  <domain>,  <appId>);


By supporting Windows, Helpshift is able to assist CS teams across the spectrum of both mobile and desktop – allowing users a better experience and CS teams huge savings in time and efficiency. Abinash Tripathy and Baishampayan Ghose started Helpshift in 2012 – not only reinventing the customer service industry, but also collecting user feedback for app enhancements.

The Windows team would love to hear your feedback. Please keep the feedback coming using our Windows Developer UserVoice site. If you have a direct bug, please use the Windows Feedback tool built directly into Windows 10.