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October 14, 2016

In Case You Missed It – This Week in Windows Developer

Before we get into all of last week’s updates, check out this highlight. (It’s a big deal):

Cross device experiences and Project Rome

We read the morning news on our tablets, check email during the morning commute on our phones and use our desktop PCs when at work. At night, we watch movies on our home media consoles. The Windows platform targets devices ranging from desktop PCs, laptops and smartphones, to large-screen hubs, HoloLens, wearable devices, IoT and Xbox.

With all of these devices playing important roles in the daily lives of users, it’s easy to think about apps in a device-centric bubble. This blog explains how to make your UX more human-centric instead of device centric to create the best possible UX.

Building Augmented Reality Apps in five Steps

Augmented reality is really cool (and surprisingly easy). We outline how to create an augmented reality app in five steps. Take a look at the boat!

BUILD 14946 for PC and Mobile

In our latest build we’ve got customized precision touchpad experiences, separated screen time-out settings, updated Wi-Fi settings for PC and Mobile and an important note about a chance to automatic updates.

IoT on Xbox One: Best for You Sample Fitness App

Best For You is a sample fitness UWP app focused on collecting data from a fictional IoT enabled yoga wear and presenting it to the user in a meaningful and helpful way on all of their devices to track health and progress of exercise. In this post, we will be focusing on the IoT side of the Universal Windows Platform as well as Azure IoT Hub and how they work together to create an end-to-end IoT solution.”

Also, the sample code is on GitHub. Click below to get started!

Narwhals (and AppURI Handlers)

‘Nuf said.

Download Visual Studio to get started!

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