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October 28, 2016

In Case You Missed It – This Week in Windows Developer

This week in the world of Windows – announcements and tutorials big and small ushered in next-level capabilities for all developers, from mixed reality support with the new Windows 10 Creators Update to a “how-to” on location sharing and more with Project Rome.

On to the recap!

High DPI support means beautiful apps at any size

Users today work on and with all types of devices, with all sizes of screen: wearables with miniscule displays, desktops with major resolution, large format screens with millions of pixels. How do you make your app look good on any device? Windows now has the support with improvements in high DPI (dots per inch) scaling. Get the latest – click through below.


Project Rome helps apps go social in the latest App Dev on Xbox post

Our App Dev on Xbox series continued with a tutorial on the capabilities of Project Rome, location sharing and more. Through the sample app Adventure Works, our team brought you the ability to have shared second screen experiences through Project Rome; location and proximal information for sharing with the location and Maps APIs; and integration with Facebook and Twitter for sharing via the UWP Toolkit.

Try it out for yourself – follow the tutorial linked below:


Surface Studio, Surface Dial and the Windows 10 Creators Update – oh my!

We’re a bit biased – but perhaps the most exciting news for our dev community this week came from Wednesday’s Microsoft Windows 10 Event. From Surface Studio and Surface Dial to the Windows 10 Creators Update, there will soon be an even greater wealth of opportunity for developers in input methods to incorporate into their apps, support for mixed reality experiences and much, much more.

If you didn’t watch the Microsoft Windows 10 Event livestream, check out some highlights from the event below:


And read Kevin Gallo’s take on what these announcements mean for developers:


Microsoft joins the 3D Formats working group at Khronos

We’re delighted to share that Microsoft is joining the 3D Formats working group at Khronos to collaborate on its GL Transmission Format (glTF). Among the areas we’re excited to dig into – with such clear enthusiasm and interest from the developer community – is Physically Based Rendering (PBR) material. Read more about next steps for the working group here.

October virtual machine updates are live!

And last, but certainly not least – the latest virtual machine updates have gone live. Read all about the installs by clicking through below:


Happy coding to all!