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November 23, 2016

Dev Projects for the Long Weekend

Find your favorite chair, kick your feet up and grab yourself a cup of coffee. It’s finally time to pick up some of the dev projects you’ve been eyeballing from behind the hazy fog of pre-vacation deadlines.

For the long weekend, we’ve assembled a quick list of three projects we’ll be working on between family time and scouring Stack Overflow for answers to life’s questions. Take a look below to get started!

IoT for the Whole Family

IoT projects can be both fun and practical – take a look at a few of our favorite selections below. After securing your home with an IoT Security Camera and automating the rest of your house, you might really need to think about rewarding yourself with that automated Kegerator. Just saying.

Explore the Devices and Sensors GitHub Library

Thirty-five samples to work with right here, folks! With these samples, you can get familiar with the API usage patterns that make the UWP unique. This section has code samples for accelerometers, relative inclinometers and pretty much everything in between.

Dive into Microsoft Open Source Code

We’re still reeling in the excitement about our partnership with the Linux Foundation and the steps we’re taking to make the UWP an increasingly open platform. Take a look at our existing Open Source projects over on Github to see how you can get started.

And that’s all! Have a great long weekend and remember to tweet us if you have any questions or comments!

Download Visual Studio to get started.

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