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November 18, 2020

Upcoming Dev Events

 Last Updated: January 2021

One of the things we all love about being part of an awesome tech community are the opportunities we have to come together at events throughout the year, learning and sharing with one another. To help bring our greater community together more this year, we decided to curate and share a list of virtual events, conferences, and festivals for developers. 

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge, connect with others, or grow your network, take a look at the events below! 

The Windows Developer team will update this post monthly, so be sure to come back and check for the newest upcoming dev events. 


February 17, 2021

Cost: Free 

DevNexus is a professional developers conference, whose goal is to connect developers from all over the world, provide affordable education, and promote Open Source values. There will be several topics covered, including kubernetes, OAuth, and Java. Microsoft Principal Program Manager Reza Rahman will lead a discussion entitled “Effective Kubernetes for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Developers.”

Microsoft speakers include: 

  • Reza Rahman, Principal Program Manager, Java on Azure

DeveloperWeek 2021

February 17-19, 2021

Cost: $100+ 

Each year, 8,000+ developers, engineers, software architects, dev teams, managers and executives from 70+ countries gather for DeveloperWeek (Feb 17-19, 2021) to discover the latest in developer technologies, languages, platforms, and tools. DeveloperWeek 2021 is the largest developer conference & event series including the DeveloperWeek 2020 Conference & Expo, 1,000+ attendee hackathon, 800+ attendee tech hiring expo, and a series of workshops, technical talks, and keynotes. This year, the entire DeveloperWeek Events Series will be hosted online! Speakers include Nills Franssens who will discuss cloud computing and Emily Freeman’s who will speak about DevOps during her keynote. Register here. 

Microsoft speakers include: 

JS World Conference

February 22-27, 2021

Cost: Free+ 

JSworld Conference by FrontendLove is the World’s Premier Javascript Conference of 2021. JSworld Conference Online is the Largest & Most Epic JavaScript Conference and Community Event of 2021. Learn & Talk directly with the JavaScript Frontend Developer Leaders from around the world. JSworld conference by Frontend Love takes place Monday 22nd February to Saturday 27th February 2021. 100+ Talks, 20 Topics, Panel Discussions, In-depth Interviews & Updates from Creators of Libraries & Authors. Speakers include Austin Akers and Christian Hielmann from Microsoft. Register here. 

Microsoft speakers include: 

Microsoft Ignite 

March 2-4, 2021

Cost: Free 

Microsoft’s annual gathering of technology leaders and practitioners delivered as a digital event. The event features innovators, creators and influential leaders who will be speaking during Microsoft Ignite’s key segments. Speakers include Satya Nadella, who will speak to Microsoft’s role in the world, innovation, and the opportunities ahead during these unprecedented times. 

Microsoft speakers include: 

DevOps.js Conference

March 10-11, 2021

Cost: TBA

DevOps.js Conference is a 2-day conference for developers and architects who are involved in building infrastructure. When organizing this event we thought about all the developers and architects who are involved in building infrastructure, setting up pipelines and deployments for JavaScript applications. Want to skill up as a DevOps? Join authors of top projects and strong practitioners at DevOps.js conference.

SXSW Online

March 16-20, 2021

Cost: $249+ 

Featuring a variety of tracks that allow attendees to explore what’s next in the worlds of film, culture, music, and technology, SXSW proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together. With one unified conference spanning different tracks of programming, you’ll find more opportunities for networking, learning, and discovery than ever before at SXSW. Explore Keynotes, Featured Speakers, and Session Formats. Jason Waskey, creative director at Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studios will lead a session entitled “Making Emotional Connections With Volumetric Video.” Register here. 

Microsoft speakers include: 

  • Jason Waskey, Principal Creative Director, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios 

API Conference: Hybrid Edition

April 12-14, 2021

Cost: $900+

Every year, API Conference The Hague is the meeting point for API and software architecture enthusiasts! As you can see – thanks to the innovative program and the numerous networking opportunities, this year’s API Conference will once again provide the ideal setting for your continued development, whether you’re on site in The Hague or attending digitally – the choice is yours! Register here.

JavaScript Global Summit 

April 22, 2021 

Cost: Free or paid options JavaScript Global Summit fills the JavaScript community need for a platform to share the latest updates and use cases to improve coding skills and get architectural insights. We aim to provide an online event for JavaScript geeks from all over the world to share what’s new in the domain. Register here.