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July 15, 2022
Windows Developers

Customer Orders Database – what next?

A few years ago we created a code sample for enterprise developers called Customer Orders Database, designed to demonstrate how developers can create and manage customer accounts, orders, and products for the fictitious company Contoso.

Customer Orders Database

It was very popular, so we continued updating it to support each new version of Windows and the Windows App SDK, and to demonstrate current design guidance. Last year we updated it to use WinUI 2.6.

In May of this year, just in time for Microsoft Build, we gave it a major overhaul to work with Windows App SDK, and to support the latest Azure features. Of course, we had to make it look at home on Windows 11. So now, based on WinUI 3, the Customer Order Database showcases UI controls including a data grid from the Windows Community Toolkit.

Making use of Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication, Sqlite and SQL Azure database integration, the Entity Framework, and cloud API services.

We hope this is just the beginning for the Customer Orders Database code sample, and we’d like your help making future versions even better.

So we’re asking you, what else should the sample do?

What other features would you like the sample to include? What’s stopping you from using it as the basis for a project in your enterprise? Let us know what you think so that we can start adding features and improving our documentation to meet the communities’ specific wants and needs. Our goal is to help you create a solid app, built using current best practices, that you can use as a foundation for your own projects. At the very least, you can examine the code and see how it’s done.

Share your feedback with [email protected] and we’ll follow up with another blog post when we have the next update of the sample.


John Kennedy, Senior Content Manager, Windows Developer Documentation