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#ifdef WINDOWS – One Developer’s Guide to the Surface Hub

By Nikola Metulev

Building experiences for the Surface Hub requires developers to tailor their apps for the big screen and multiple users interacting with different components at the same  Gian Paolo Santopaolo came to Redmond all the way from Switzerland to share best practices for… Read more

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“Throwing your voice” with Spatial Audio

By Clint Rutkas

The age-old act of ventroquilism sees a puppet move its mouth while the controlling ventriloquist speaks without moving their lips – pretty impressive! The underlying technique has the ventriloquist "throwing" their voice in a joint audial and visual Enter Spatial… Read more

Windows Mixed Reality

Learn Windows Holographic Today

By Microsoft HoloLens Team

The day we’ve all been waiting for has After a year of building excitement, Alex Kipman has announced that invitations to preorder the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition are starting to go out and that devices will start shipping on March… Read more