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Native Ads in Microsoft Advertising SDK

By Vivek Mohan

Overview Native Ads is a component-based ad format that gives publishers the flexibility of placing the individual components of a creative – title, image, logo, description, call to action text – so as to provide the best possible fitment to… Read more


Earn more money by moving to the latest advertising libraries

By Kiran Bangalore

Make sure your apps are updated to use the latest versions of the Microsoft Advertising The latest advertising SDK versions, which are MRAID compliant, support richer creatives These SDK versions can also send user signals such as advertiser ID, age,… Read more


Monetize your game app with Playtem ads

By Windows Apps Team

Here’s something any would-be game developer who wants to find a good monetization strategy needs to The psychology of gaming is I have a friend who hates to pay for Her favorite kind of games are the freemium ones that… Read more