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Standard C++ and the Windows Runtime (C++/WinRT)

By Brian Peek

The Windows Runtime (WinRT) is the technology that powers the Universal Windows Platform, letting developers write applications that are common to all Windows devices, from Xbox to PCs to HoloLens to   Most of UWP can also be used by… Read more


Kinect demo code and new driver for UWP now available

By Yin Li

Here’s a little memory test: Do you recall this blog, which posted back in May and promised to soon begin integrating Kinect for Windows into the Universal Windows Platform? Of course you do! Now we are pleased to announce two… Read more


Interop between XAML and the Visual Layer

By Michael Crump

The Composition APIs empower Universal Windows Platform (UWP) developers to do beautiful and powerful things when they drop down to the Visual Layer (as in the sample below). One of the remarkable things about these APIs is that they are… Read more


Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Adds New UWP Exporter

By Windows Apps Team

New developers – bring your app to various devices on Windows 10 with a simple mouse Clickteam has joined the Universal Windows Platform revolution with the release of its new UWP Exporter for Clickteam Fusion , a game and software… Read more