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April 27, 2007

Welcome to the Windows Experience Blog

Welcome to the Windows Experience Blog!

My name is Brandon LeBlanc. I’ve been hired on as a vendor to work on this awesome new project: blogging about the amazing experiences you can have with Windows Vista. Previously, I had been blogging at The Hive talking about my Windows Experiences there. The Windows Experience Blog will build off what we originally started at The Hive but take it to the next level – which makes this a very exciting project for me.

So you are probably wondering what it means to be a vendor working on a project with Microsoft. Being a vendor means I’m not a full-time employee (or FTE). At Microsoft, that means I have an orange badge instead of a blue. Vendors are usually hired on a per-project basis. My project will be the Windows Experience Blog here.

With the Windows Experience Blog, the idea is to showcase and talk about all the amazing experiences one can have with Windows Vista. I’m taking my lead from Nick who will continue to share news, information, and technical insight about Windows, and I’ll expand on that with the Windows Experience blog. The Windows Experience blog is focused on Windows Enthusiasts and dives deeper into the fantastic experiences within Windows. And the experiences here won’t always be experiences from myself or other folks at Microsoft. We want to highlight experiences *you* have as well! Expect to see lots of videos and lots of screenshots! Just like Nick, I plan to spend a lot of extra time beyond simply posting blog posts. I plan to continue the conversation into the comments on the blog posts as well. So don’t be shy! Leave a comment! I will try to respond to as many as possible. Please note that this blog isn’t a technical support blog. If you’re having specific technical issues with Windows Vista your best bet is to head on over to Microsoft’s public Windows Vista newsgroups.

Moving forward, we’ve got some great things planned for the Windows Vista Team Blog. Expect some excellent showcase posts on Certified for Windows Vista products and coverage from events such as MIX07, WinHEC and TechEd.

Right now I am preparing for my trip to Las Vegas to attend MIX07. Live MIX07 coverage begins this Sunday. Nick will be covering the announcements and I will of course be sharing my experience being at MIX with folks here.