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April 29, 2007

Download Microsoft Silverlight DreamScenes for your desktop!

In celebration of Silverlight at MIX07 this week (and the upcoming launch of their new website) – the wonderful folks on the Silverlight Team have released a slick looking new DreamScene for your Windows Vista Ultimate desktop. Their new website is due to go live at tomorrow which will include the DreamScene downloads. But I’m giving you a sneak peek at the DreamScenes tonight!

The DreamScene is called “Dusk” and can be downloaded in two formats (Standard or Widescreen):

Download: Microsoft Silverlight “Dusk” DreamScene (Standard)
Download: Microsoft Silverlight “Dusk” DreamScene (Widescreen)

I shot some video of the Silverlight DreamScene running on my desktop PC and put it up on Soapbox.

Video: Microsoft Silverlight “Dusk” DreamScene

In order to enable these DreamScenes, you must have Windows Vista Ultimate and have installed the Windows DreamScene Technical Preview which is under Ultimate Extras in Windows Update. To install the DreamScenes, just right-click on the above download links and save them to your Videos folder. Then right-click on your desktop, go to Personalize and then Desktop Background and under Location choose your Videos folder and select the new Silverlight DreamScene.

Enjoy the DreamScenes and expect more Silverlight announcements as MIX07 kicks into high gear tomorrow morning!