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May 1, 2007

WPF Screensaver Flittrbook from MIX07

Microsoft Technical Evangelist Karsten Januszewski blogs about his WPF Screensaver he created that is installed and running on all the MIX07 PC’s called Flittrbook. As many of you probably already know – WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is built in to Windows Vista which allows for some really amazing things that can be done with applications.

Flittrbook is a WPF mashup of Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook all in to one really cool screensaver. Karsten worked with Tim Aidlin who is a designer at Microsoft to design all the neat visualizations you see in the screensaver. The screensaver is configured to pull MIX07content from Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook but has customization features to pull any content from these three services.

Here is a little video demo of the screensaver in action!

Video: WPF Screensaver Flittrbook

Karsten has put online some of the screensaver bits for download. However he was unable to include Facebook support in this release and there seems to be some issues with the Twitter feed being flakey. This is “definitely v.” as Karsten notes. Give the screensaver a try and make sure you send in feedback for Karsten! I installed it and love it.

To install the bits, just download the .zip file and extract its contents. Inside you need to find the .scr file and righ-click to install the screensaver on to your PC.

Thanks to Nathan Weinberg over at InsideMicrosoft for pointing this out earlier today.