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May 3, 2007

Using MSN Soapbox Videos in my blog posts

You will notice that we are using the emedded video player from MSN Soapbox for some of our posts. We use the Soapbox player because it has one of the highest video qualities of any of the video sharing sites. However I’ve had several folks report issues viewing the embedded videos in my recent blog posts. You can read the Soapbox Team’s blog post about the embedded Soapbox player which was recently updated. Also, let me be clear about this: you do NOT have to be involved in the MSN Soapbox beta or service in any way to view the embedded videos. The embedded videos should play for anyone regardless if they are in the MSN Soapbox beta.

If you are having issues viewing the embedded Soapbox videos, the Soapbox Team suggests uninstalling the reinstalling the Adobe Flash plugin for your browser.

Currently, MSN Soapbox is a closed beta. That means the service isn’t taking any new sign-ups to test the service out. In the near future, the service will open up allowing for new registrations and you will be able to enjoy the full MSN Soapbox awesomeness.

I am working closely with the awesome folks on the Soapbox Team to produce some great looking videos for MSN Soapbox. Also, if you experience any problems, please don’t be shy. Leave comments regarding your issues and I’ll be sure to relay it to Soapbox Team to try and resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

There are some really cool things planned for MSN Soapbox in the future. I’m really excited to see the service evolve.

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