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May 28, 2007

Windows Live Alerts added to this blog

This evening I took the time to add the ability to subscribe to being alerted through Windows Live Alerts for any updates made to this blog. Windows Live Alerts is an alert system that uses Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail, and your mobile phone to alert you of any updates to the site. I use Windows Live Alerts quite a bit to get updates to pop up in Windows Live Messenger for most of my favorite websites. You can choose to be alerted through Windows Live Messenger, via email, or through your mobile phone. You can also choose a combination of the choices as well. I have my alerts configured to go to both Windows Live Messenger and my mobile phone. Windows Live Alerts allows you to setup a “quiet time” so you don’t get alerted on your phone in the middle of the night (unless you really want to).

You can subscribe to Windows Live Alerts for the Windows Experience Blog by clicking on the Windows Live Alert button in the Sidebar section on your right-hand side of the frontpage of the Windows Experience Blog. Or you can click here.

By going to, you can sign up to configure alerts for your own website as well.

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