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June 20, 2007

Putting Windows Vista to the test on a new Dell PC

Ed Bott recently purchased a new Dell C521 PC running Windows Vista Home Premium and blogs about his experience with the PC. He talks about his experience right from starting up the PC for the first time after receiving it from Dell to his experience trying to “stress” the PC out.

What Ed did to “stress” out his PC was he began copying over 6GB of photos from a network server, started playing a DVD in Windows Media Player 11, opened up 5 websites in IE7 (5 different tabs), and opened and started using Windows Mail, Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker. Ed even noted that while all of this was taking place, Flip3D worked perfectly. And while his PC’s Task Manager displayed high usage on its memory and CPU – Ed says the PC displayed an “a very impressive performance”.

I’m going to try The Ed Bott PC Stress Test later tonight on my PC’s. 😉

Click here to read Ed Bott’s full report on his experience.