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August 18, 2008

More Countries Added to the Live Mesh Technical Preview

General Manager Amit Mital, who runs Live Mesh & Developer Platform, has posted today that the Live Mesh Technical Preview ( has expanded to 3 new countries: Canada, India, and Ireland. In signing up for the Live Mesh Technical Preview, folks from these countries will still need to run with an English locale for now.

 Currently, sign-ups for the Live Mesh Technical Preview are available in the following countries without a waitlist:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • India
  • Ireland

Amit says that the Live Mesh Team still does have a maximum limit of users who will be allowed in to the Live Mesh Technical Preview. As long as sign-ups remain below that limit, anyone in the above listed countries is free to sign-up. However, once that limit is met – sign-ups for the Live Mesh Technical Preview will be closed until the team is ready to open it up again for more users. So sign-up now!

Angus Logan also blogged about today’s Live Mesh announcement. Angus is a Product Manager for the Live Platform. He blogs a lot about cool developer-related Live Platform technologies. Because Live Mesh is a platform and falls under Live Platform – Angus is a Live Mesh expert and often showcases Live Mesh on this blog. Matter a fact, I’d like to point out a post of his from a few months ago consisting of several tips and tricks on how Live Mesh can boost productivity in Windows Vista. Angus – more tips and tricks please!

Remember, Live Mesh is in the Technical Preview stage. This is essentially pre-Beta. While the Live Mesh Technical Preview has been incredibly reliable and awesome for me – because Live Mesh is still in the pre-Beta stage there are still risks just as there would be for any pre-Beta software release.