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September 19, 2008

Windows Live Calendar Gets To Do List & New UI

As was announced yesterday – the Windows Live Calendar Beta was to be upgraded today starting at 3pm Pacific Time. And it seems the upgrade is almost complete as folks are beginning to take notice when they log in to Windows Live Calendar it looks different!

Windows Live Calendar Beta - 9/18 Update

The Windows Live Calendar Team says the following changes will appear in the Windows Live Calendar Beta update tonight:

  • To Dos: Now you can manage personal and shared task lists with our new To Do functionality.
  • Design and Usability Enhancements: A lighter weight user interface allows your calendar data shine through. Lots more room for your calendar data!

Definitely check out the new To Do functionality. I’ve created a task for me as you can see here:

Windows Live Calendar Beta - To Do's

I’ve got a ton of tasks to be added!

And remember – you can sync your calendars to your PC with the Windows Live Mail Beta available at