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October 18, 2008

Open Already Published Blog Posts with Windows Live Writer

A few days ago, I needed to edit a blog post that I didn’t publish using Windows Live Writer. I discovered that Windows Live Writer allows you to open any blog post on your blog that has been published – regardless of whether it was written and published with Windows Live Writer or not.

When I clicked “Open” in the Windows Live Writer toolbar, an options window appeared giving me several options to choose from.

I can open a blog post from Drafts, Recently Posted, and of course any of the blogs that I have configured in Windows Live Writer such as the Windows Experience Blog. When I clicked on “The Windows Experience Blog” option – I was given a listing of 5 of the most recent blog posts from the Windows Experience Blog. The default is to list 5 posts however you can choose to view more blog posts via a drop down menu. I was able to choose any blog post that had been published (via Windows Live Writer or not) from the Windows Experience Blog to edit and publish those edits.

The ability to open blog posts from blogs in Windows Live Writer exists today with the current non-Beta version of Windows Live Writer available at as well as the current Beta of Windows Live Writer available at

If you haven’t already discovered this, thought it might be of some interest to my fellow bloggers.