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November 13, 2008

Introducing the Microsoft Store

This is something I think is pretty exciting – especially if you’re looking to score some Microsoft product. We are announcing the Microsoft Store – the first online store where you can purchase Microsoft products straight from the source!

We’re selling all of our products at a one-stop-shop:


The Microsoft Store offers the largest selection of Microsoft software, devices and hardware in one place.  You will find many reasons to visit the store:

  • Immediate software download option with the largest download catalog of Microsoft titles.
  • Most up-to-date selection of and information on everyone’s favorite Microsoft products including Windows, Office, Xbox, Zune and more!
  • Simple and secure purchases with full Microsoft support both before and after purchase.

We’re not just launching the Microsoft Store for US customers. In addition to the US Microsoft Store, there are also online stores for customers in the UK, Germany and Korea.  Japan, France, Spain and the Netherlands are coming soon.  More countries will be coming onboard throughout the year.

I’ll be picking myself up one of the new Microsoft LifeCam Show webcams from the Microsoft Store as I had been looking to pick one up for a while now.