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November 23, 2008

The New Windows Taskbar in Windows 7

In Windows 7, we’re introducing a brand new Windows Taskbar. I touched upon this briefly in my notes from the PDC Keynote a few weeks ago. However last Thursday, the Windows Engineering Team over on the Engineering Windows 7 Blog published a much more in-depth look at the new Windows Taskbar in Windows 7. They take a close look several new features within the new Taskbar including Jump Lists, Pinning, Interactive Grouped Thumbnails, Aero Peek, and Color Hot Track. The overall goal behind the new Windows Taskbar is to allow people to be able to manage their application windows much easier as well as give them quick access to the information they need.


If you are interested in getting a “sneak-peek” at what’s coming for UI changes in Windows 7 specific to the Taskbar – definitely give this post a read.