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December 2, 2008

Updated Windows Live Web Services Rolling Out

Yesterday, some of you took notice that your account page for Windows Live has been updated with the new Windows Live look and feel. That was just the beginning! As Dharmesh Meta, Director of Windows Live Product Management (and all around good guy), explains – over the next 24 hours you will be seeing quite a bit of changes occurring across the board for Windows Live. We’re launching updated versions of Windows Live Home, Spaces, Events, and SkyDrive and launching completely new services for Windows Live such as Groups, Photos, and Profile. Essentially we’re launching “the new face of Windows Live” on the web today.


Changes you’ll see include a brand new common header across all the Windows Live web services (with themes) as well as 25GB of *free* storage in SkyDrive and more! For an overview of what’s changing – see today’s post from Dharmesh with lots of cool screenshots.

I’ll be posting later this week about the Windows Live web services after they are all officially live for everyone.