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December 17, 2008

TechNet Magazine Features Windows Vista Tips This Month for IT Pros

TechNet Magazine is showcasing Windows Vista Tips this month in a new tip-of-the-day feature. You can stay up on all the latest Windows Vista tips here – which will be updated Monday – Friday all this month with new Windows Vista tips. You can also find the latest tips at the top of the TechNet Magazine homepage. These tips are mainly focused toward the IT Pro.

Here is the list of Windows Vista tips so far:

Know the Tools You’ll Need to Deploy Windows Vista
Do you know what tools you’ll need to use to prepare and deploy Windows Vista to systems throughout your environment? This is an overview of the tools you’ll need, and the ones you can forget about.

Use Msconfig to Disable and Enable UAC
To determine whether UAC is causing an application compatibility problem, you can temporarily disable UAC. This explains how to do it quickly.

Delete Files Permanently with SDelete
When you delete a file, Windows removes the index for the file, but the file’s contents are still on the disk until the data has been overwritten by another file. Learn how to delete files permanently so attackers can’t recover this data.

New Command-Line Switches for Sc.exe
On Windows Vista, the sc.exe command has been enhanced with new command-line switches. This looks at those new command-line switches.

Create an Ad Hoc Wireless Network
If you want to share information stored on your computer with other nearby computers, you can set up an ad hoc wireless network.

Troubleshoot Slow Start Ups with Windows Boot Performance Diagnostics
Find out how you can use Windows Boot Performance Diagnostics to identify the source of startup performance problems and automatically fix issues.

High Availability Printing with the Print Management Console
When a server goes down, you can use the Windows Vista Print Management console to quickly move print queues and keep print jobs moving smoothly.

Best Practices for File Sharing in a Workgroup Environment
Want to implement file sharing for Windows Vista clients in a workgroup environment? Be sure to keep these best practices in mind.

Best Practices for File Sharing in a Domain Environment
If you plan on implementing file sharing for Windows Vista clients in a domain environment, keep these best practices in mind.

Track and Analyze System Stability and Reliability with RACAgent
Curious about system reliability? Windows Vista is already gathering this data by default. This explains how to view that data.

Troubleshoot Group Policy with GPLogView
Learn how you can use this command-line tool to perform Group Policy–related troubleshooting.

Manage Volume Shadow Copy Service from the Vssadmin Command-Line
Check out the commands you can use to manage Volume Shadow Copy service from a command-line tool.

Remove Unwanted Toolbars and Fix Settings in Internet Explorer
Problematic add-ons. Changed browser settings. A new homepage. Find out how you can troubleshoot and fix persistent, unwanted changes.

If you’ve got your own Windows Vista tips – please share them below!

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