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April 14, 2009

New Features Hit Windows Live SkyDrive Today


The Windows Live SkyDrive Team just announced several updates to Windows Live SkyDrive which begin happening today.

Using Silverlight, you can now arrange your photos within a SkyDrive Folder just the way you want them. All you need to do is choose “Sort” in a folder with photos and select “Arrange photos”.


The new “Arrange photos” feature isn’t the first feature on Windows Live SkyDrive to use Silverlight – the Slide show feature for your photos also uses Silverlight to showcase your photos in a nice way. 



You also have the ability to sort your files (including your photos) by name, size, date, or type.

There is also upcoming changes to profiles on Windows Live (to accommodate easily accessing photos of your friends) as well as Windows Live Favorites too! Again, you can get the lowdown on today’s update here from the SkyDrive Team.

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