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May 11, 2009

Windows 7 on Track to Hit This Holiday Season

There has been quite a bit of speculation and chatter around the timing of milestones for Windows 7. Of course folks want to know when Windows 7 will become available in stores and on new PCs. We’re in a good position today to provide an update to the timing of when we expect for that to happen. I’m really excited to be able to give this update – particularly given what it takes to deliver a high quality OS to millions of partners, customers, developers and the entire ecosystem.

Our approach to the development of Windows 7, as we’ve highlighted in the past, has been tied to people like you around the world contributing in real-time by testing our key Windows 7 milestones – from the Pre-Beta we handed out to PDC attendees last year, to the Windows 7 Beta, and now the Windows 7 RC which we recently released for everyone to try. Steven Sinofsky outlined this milestone-to-milestone approach in this blog post back in January. And today, Steven highlights the path to our next milestone for Windows 7 – RTM, or release to manufacturing. RTM is the final stage for the engineering of Windows 7.

If the telemetry we receive from the Windows 7 RC meets our expectations in terms of quality, then we expect to hit RTM in 3 months or so. Again, check out Steven’s blog post on this process. If this happens, it looks like we’ll be able to have Windows 7 done in time for the holidays. I want to underscore that our top priority remains QUALITY. This guidance does not alter that principle.

Bill Veghte shared this news today at TechEd North America 2009 taking place in Los Angeles right now. Here is what he said in today’s press release:

Microsoft is committed to ensuring that IT professionals and developers continue to have the platform and technologies to drive maximum value and business results. Getting the most out of IT investments is even more important in today’s economy.

He also adds:

With early RC testing and extensive partner feedback we’ve received, Windows 7 is tracking well for holiday availability.

Thank you for being great partners and customers, providing the kind of feedback required for us to be able to give this type of guidance. And honestly, I can’t say thank you enough!

The telemetry and testing continue, and we encourage IT Professionals and enthusiasts to try the Windows 7 RC out at home and at work if you’re not doing so already. Share it with your friends who may also want to take it for a test drive. I currently am running the Windows 7 RC on every PC I own – at home and in the office. I am also recommending my friends and even family members try it too. And everyone I’ve recommended try it and has done so has been impressed!

So there are two things you should go and do today if you haven’t already: go get the Windows 7 RC and… watch Star Trek because the movie is amazing. Since I’m running the Windows 7 RC on all my PCs (yes, every single one), I think I’ll have to go see Star Trek again.