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May 21, 2009

What are people saying about the Windows 7 Release Candidate?

We did this before with Windows 7 at PDC and the Windows 7 Beta – I figured it’s time to do it for the Windows 7 RC. Here are a handful of quotes of what people are saying about the Windows 7 RC:

Ed Bott from ZDNet wrote:

Overall, I’m impressed with how reliable this Windows release has been. It also seems more than adequate in terms of performance.

Dwight Silverman from the Houston Chronicle wrote:

This latest test release is good. Really good. In fact, it’s good enough that, were Microsoft to call this the finished version and release it formally, it would be a much better product than Windows Vista was when it launched in early 2007.

Preston Gralla of Computerworld wrote:

Windows 7 RC1 includes a substantial number of productivity and performance tweaks that make an already solid, fast, entertaining and useful operating system even better.

Simon Bisson of ZDNet talks about his long history testing beta and RC bits of Windows and how the Windows 7 RC compares:

We’ve been using Beta and RC code since Windows 3, and this is by far the most solid and feature-complete RC we’ve seen.

Jeremy Kaplan of PC Magazine wrote:

Bottom line is that Windows 7 Release Candidate is more polished than the beta; seems to be better optimized for operating speed, responsiveness and improves user experience.

Matt Buchanan from Gizmodo digs the new backgrounds we added to the Windows 7 RC (I do too!):

Yes, these are just a handful of the ridiculously awesome backgrounds packed inside Windows 7.

Samara Lyn from CRN was impressed with the work we have done with Windows 7 and with our partners on driver compatibility:

Another blessing with Window 7 RC is that there were no issues with drivers. It looks as if Microsoft and vendors really got on board with ensuring driver compatibility.

This is what Mary Branscombe from the Financial Times had to say about the Windows 7 RC:

For end users, Windows 7 is a clear leap forward, and if the final version has the same high quality and attention to detail as this release it should appeal to customers and PC manufacturers alike.

And here is what Joshua Topolsky from Engadget said:

One thing we can say for sure is that it felt snappier and less buggy than the earlier versions (duh), and it’s clear that Microsoft has taken a lot of the feedback it’s gotten to heart. RC1 shows off definite attention to detail.

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