Earlier this week our refreshed Windows Mobile developer portal went live! Shortly thereafter, I was privileged to meet with Program Manager Michelle Rowley.  In this embedded video clip, Michelle takes us on a tour of the new site and offers some great tips on how developers can take action today.
(Please visit the site to view this video)
One of the most distinct divisions within the site Overview section are the separate tabs for developing and distributing applications.  The Distributing Applications tab offers a link to sign up for the Developer Newsletter to be notified about early registration for selling your application in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. 
Before you can distribute applications you must have an application worth distributing.  The LEARN MORE link within the Developing Applications tab takes you to the Getting Started section of the site, where you can follow 3 simple steps: Develop, Test, and Distribute.
Need a shoulder to lean on once in a while? Are you an expert who thrives on taking others under your wing?  Become an active member of the Windows Mobile developer community!  Within the Community section you will find links to engage via Twitter, Facebook, and of course our Windows Mobile Team Blog, among many other community resources.
In closing, stay tuned for more information within the Marketplace section of our site, sign up for the Developer Newsletter, and get started writing the next killer mobile app!