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July 31, 2009

What our Software Ecosystem Partners are saying about Windows 7

Here are what some of our amazing Software Partners are saying today about Windows 7!

Greg Hughes, group president, Enterprise Product Group, Symantec:

Symantec is committed to giving our customers the confidence that they can completely protect, easily manage and automatically control their valuable assets on the upcoming Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. We are working closely with Microsoft to actively test the Windows 7 beta release with our products and plan to provide support for Windows 7 after it’s publicly available.

Brian Grayek, Vice President, Product Management, CA, Inc:

CA is working with Microsoft to ensure that our current and upcoming lines of Internet security products integrate with Windows 7. We have taken advantage of our partnership with Microsoft to deliver one of the best anti-malware products available on the market today. For our customers, they can be confident that our security solutions that protect their mission critical assets, be it an enterprise network or family photos, will be compatible with Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Dale Liao, Director of Research for Trend Micro:

At Trend Micro, we found Windows 7 to be a faster, robust, and efficient operating system. It requires less system resources than previous operating systems and can run on the popular Netbook- translating into higher customer adoption and more business opportunities.

Rob Cools, Product Marketing Director of Exact Software:

Through Windows 7, we are able to offer our customers on all product lines, such as Exact Globe, an improved user experience. Our customers see great value in continuing to deploy our business applications on  Windows 7.

Alexey Kalgin, Director, Product Marketing, Corporate Business Division, Kaspersky Lab:

By working with Microsoft, we are confident that Kaspersky Lab will provide Windows 7 users with a security option that is easy to manage, and protects their valuable data without slowing them down. Our technical prototype was installed by more than 300,000 people over two and a half months. Thanks to collaboration with Microsoft, we have received an exceptional amount of valuable feedback from testers that will enable us to ensure that our products are fully compatible with Windows 7 upon final release.

From McAfee:

The reliability and stability of Windows 7, beginning with the earliest beta builds, has greatly streamlined McAfee compatibility testing and integration activities. Additionally the responsiveness of the Windows 7 team has allowed the McAfee engineering teams to quickly resolve any issues which occurred.

Kris Barton, Executive Vice President of Global Products for Nero AG:

Windows 7 is all about an extraordinary user experience – one that extends beyond the PC to the devices that make up consumers’ digital lifestyles.  Nero is working closely with Microsoft to ensure that our portfolio of products takes full advantage of the opportunity that this new operating system affords our customers.  In order to truly enable the liquidity of content between all digital media hubs, we must provide simple, intuitive ways to leverage the latest PC and mobile device capabilities.

Chris Randles, President and CEO, SpaceClaim Corporation:

SpaceClaim Engineer and SpaceClaim Style are the most innovative 3D Direct Modeling products in the market today. They represent the most significant advancement in 3D design and engineering technology in more than 10 years. We provide engineers and industrial designers the freedom and flexibility to innovate with very fast, flexible, and powerful solutions. Using Windows 7, our development team is able to innovate by providing our customers with a modern and easy-to-use interface, fast performance, real-time 3D graphics manipulation, and a platform for broad commercial deployment.

Tom Bice, Director of Product Marketing from Attachmate:

The Windows platform is ubiquitous, particularly in enterprise organizations, which is where our software runs. It’s critical for our customers to be able to leverage this platform and therefore important to Attachmate. The performance and compatibility improvements in Windows 7 enable us to offer our customers the freedom to securely customize their solutions and boost end-user productivity within a familiar, intuitive Microsoft environment.

Erik Johnson Senior Director of Research from Epicor:

With Microsoft’s delivery of the Windows 7 Release Candidate, we believe Epicor customers will truly appreciate the new user-interface and technical enhancements for integrating enterprise data with desktop capabilities like Search.

Dan Matthews Chief Technology Officer of IFS:

Where some applications want to be the desktop, we want IFS Applications to be a well integrated part of the desktop. New Windows 7 features such as jump lists and federated search allow us to provide users quick and easy access to business critical information and functionality in IFS Applications.

Alice Chang, CEO of CyberLink:

Windows 7 has proven to be an ideal platform for CyberLink’s next generation digital media software applications.  From core video architecture improvements to the exciting new multi-touch user interface extensions, Microsoft has provided a solid foundation for high performance desktop media applications.  Cyberlink is working closely with Microsoft’s technology teams, leading CPU and graphics chip manufacturers, and the leading PC manufacturers on the development of digital media applications that deliver the best user experience for Windows 7.  The Windows platform provides for unlimited possibilities, and CyberLink is pleased to be a leading contributor to a life without walls.

Lee Kilmer, Global Director of Technology Product Management at Lawson:

With the rich set of features in Windows 7, Lawson was able to add functionality to Lawson Smart Office that will allow us to deliver an even greater user experience and better access to information. With Windows 7, Lawson Smart Office is cool, simple and it works – all to make our customers stronger. It’s ERP made beautiful – to make our customers more productive.

George Hoenig, Vice president, product operations at i365, A Seagate Company:

ESI for civil cases can be massive, sometimes in the terabytes, so distillation and visualization of the information is a major value of electronic discovery tools. Windows 7 provides a platform to create engaging, user-friendly and powerful applications, and the i365 MetaLINCS E-Discovery Suite will leverage the new voice and touch features and functionality to make reviewing electronic data quicker and easier.

Many more software companies are getting ready and you can see the full list at