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September 21, 2009

Finalist Emails for Windows 7 Launch Parties Go Out Today

We’ve had an overwhelming turn out of people signing up to host a Launch Party for Windows 7 since going live earlier this month. Starting today, finalist emails are going to those who signed up to host a Launch Party and if you don’t get a finalist email, don’t worry, there are still other ways to participate.

If you signed up to host a Launch Party and receive the host finalist email, please read the email carefully. Receiving the finalist email doesn’t mean you’ve been accepted to host just yet. You will need to be among the first to respond via a link within your email to be confirmed as a host. This extra step is needed due to the amazing response we’ve had from people interested in hosting a Launch Party. Spots to host a Launch Party are limited so we want to make sure folks who signed up are still able to host.

After responding to the finalist email and confirming, you will then receive a confirmation email. You’ll then be able to begin planning your Launch Party and sending out invites!

If you were not accepted to host a Launch Party or live in a country where Launch Parties are unavailable to host, you can still hold a Windows 7 gathering of your own. We are providing Windows 7 tips, content, demos, and training here online for you to host your own gathering or “meet-up”.

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