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October 9, 2009

Microsoft Employees Begin Hosting Windows 7 Launch Parties

Thousands of Microsoft employees have begun hosting Windows 7 Launch Parties this week. I had the pleasure of attending one last night. Microsoft employees have been given the opportunity to do “preview” Launch Parties before October 22nd to show off Windows 7 to their friends and family (public Windows 7 Launch Parties officially kick off on October 22nd).

The Launch Party I attended last night was hosted by Dana Manciagli, a General Manager on Microsoft’s US OEM Team. Her Launch Party took place at The Parlor in Bellevue and she had her friend and fellow Microsoft employee (Cedric Dahl) demonstrate 7 key Windows 7 features such as many of the Windows Taskbar enhancements, Aero Shake and Aero Snap.

The audience seemed to really like what they saw. One conversation I overheard was about how much better Windows 7’s window management is for applications. Another related to using Aero Snap to compare Excel spreadsheets.

After the demonstration, there was a trivia contest with questions relating to the Windows 7 demos. Guests who answered the questions right received some cool prizes.

Everyone who attended Dana’s Windows 7 Launch Party was asked to donate to the kids of Junior Achievement for Washington State. Dana creatively combined her Launch Party with Microsoft’s annual Giving Campaign. Matter a fact, Ina Fried from CNET posted about another effort to raise money for Microsoft’s Giving Campaign earlier today.

At the Launch Party, I got to finally meet Laura Foy from Channel 9. She has posted an awesome video from the event including several interviews. Watch the video here.

Overall, it was a fantastic event! I look forward to hearing more about people’s Windows 7 Launch Parties come October 22nd.

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