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December 6, 2009

How we designed the default background in Windows 7

Channel 9’s Larry Larsen pinged me earlier today to let me know of a video they just posted to Channel 9 on the default background in Windows 7. Larry was able to talk to Denise Trabona who is a Senior UX (User Experience) Lead on the Windows Design and Research Team. Denise shares insight into how we went about designing the default background see on Windows 7 desktops (the default) and also the logon screen. If you’re someone interested in UI and the thought processes behind how and why we make things look the way they do in Windows, this video is just for you.

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Denise also stopped by Channel 9 back in August to talk to Larry about the other fantastic backgrounds see in Windows 7. You can check that video out here.

Another post worth checking out is this post from the E7 blog. In this post, Karen Wong who is a Program Manager on the Core User Experience Team shares how we designed the Windows 7 boot animation.