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February 1, 2010

Jordan Brand taps into key Microsoft technologies to help celebrate its 25th Anniversary

Jordan Brand will be celebrating its 25th year anniversary at this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend. During this celebration, one way that Jordan Brand would like to engage with consumers is through rich experiences enabled by new and emergent technology. The Jordan Brand has partnered with Microsoft and Wirestone to help them do so with Silverlight, Windows Azure, Microsoft Surface and Windows 7.



The first exciting experience Jordan Brand has unveiled is a social mosaic, called Mosaic 23/25. Using Silverlight 3 and Deep Zoom, Jordan Brand enthusiasts can upload photos of their Air Jordan shoes and other Jordan Brand apparel. The Silverlight Deep Zoom technology allows folks to pan and zoom deep into the mosaic of photos to see their photo and photos of others who are contributing to the Jordan Brand community from around the globe. For more information on the use of Silverlight for the Jordan Brand photo mosaic, click here to read this blog post on the Silverlight Team Blog.

So how does the Windows Azure tie into this? Well, Social Mosaic was built on the Windows Azure platform! For some details on how the mosaic was built using Windows Azure, read this blog post on the Windows Azure Team Blog.

During the NBA All-Star Weekend taking place in Dallas, the Jordan Brand is building out a space near the American Airlines arena called the 23/25 Space which you can visit Feb. 11th – 14th. In this space there will be interactive kiosks with large multitouch flat-screens that will be running a Windows 7 multitouch experience which will allow enthusiasts to interact with the history of the Jordan Brand over 25 years. Also at the event will be Microsoft Surface units, and these will enable multiple users to collaboratively and simultaneously interact with the Jordan Brand and each other. If you’re going to be in Dallas for the NBA All-Star games, you definitely need to visit the 23/25 Space!

I’ll be talking more about a lot of this technology once we get to the NBA All-Star Weekend.

In the meantime, I need to go out and pick myself up a pair of Air Jordan’s and upload my photo to the social mosaic!