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April 10, 2010

Western Digital’s WD TV Live earns Compatible with Windows 7 Logo

I’m excited to announce that Western Digital’s WD TV Live media player has earned the Compatible with Windows 7 logo! For those of you who already own this device, Western Digital began releasing a firmware update (Release 1.02.21) for the WD TV Live late last week that brings support for Windows 7’s Play To feature – allowing you to seamlessly play music, videos and photos through your home network directly to the any device you connect to the WD TV Live.


I am currently running the WD TV Live at home. With the WD TV Live, it took just a few minutes to stream content from any of my Windows 7 PCs to a TV in one of the bedrooms. The WD TV Live can connect to nearly any TV, AV receiver, stereo, or set of powered speakers ridiculously easy, and the box is small enough to be used virtually anywhere.

WD TV Live 2010-04-04 004 (2)

The WD TV Live is configured to connect to your network with an Ethernet cable. However if the place you want to use your WD TV Live doesn’t have a wired connection to your home network – Western Digital has done an amazing job of including support in their firmware for numerous wireless USB network adapters . You can see a full list of supported USB devices for the WD TV Live here.

Once the WD TV Live is on your home network, you can stream content to it from Windows Media player using the “Play to” button above the now playing list. From within Windows Media Player (or from Windows Explorer), you can also right-click on a video file, audio track, or playlist and select “Play to”. Once the Play To session is live, the session is controlled from the PC.


If you’re not ready to spend the money on a Compatible with Windows 7 HDTV or A/V Receiver, the WD TV Live is the perfect device to get the benefits of Windows 7 and Play To using your existing TV and stereo system.

You can buy a WD TV Live here.

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