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May 19, 2010

Seeing Blue

When I was in college (The College of William & Mary, Class of 2000) all I had to work with was a struggling Pentium II PC running Windows 95 that my Dad built—and I was really grateful for it.  At least I could do my homework and play a networked game of Quake in warm peace.  About half my freshman hall had to make midnight trips to computer labs on sleet-slickened brick walkways to do homework—and forgo gaming entirely. Today, our good friends at Best Buy are making sure that you won’t ever be one of those people.

Starting on May 23, head over to Best Buy or (U.S. only) and pick up either a 14” Toshiba E205 or 15.6” Dell s15z notebook along with an Xbox 360 Arcade and get a $200 discount (I’ll come back on 5/23 and update the links so you can go directly to the offer page). Ben will soon post a hands-on review of the Toshiba E205 and he’s right – it’s beautiful.  Don’t miss the WiDi video in his post.

Both PCs come with Windows 7 Home Premium, which is perfect for taking full advantage of all the built-in media features, like Windows Media Center, in Windows 7.  They also weigh less than six pounds, have 500GB hard drives and come with 30 days of Geek Squad support.  So, if you’ve been lobbying to get an Xbox 360 you probably won’t get a better bargaining chip than this deal. You get an awesome PC to get you through school in a blaze of shiny, high-GPA glory and an Xbox 360 Arcade to blow off some steam.

For anyone who’s interested, I lived on Yates 3rd South from 1996-1997 and can be found @winashbrown