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May 21, 2010

Windows 7 on last night’s Season Finale of Fringe

WARNING: The below information could be considered “spoilers” for the Season Finale of Fringe which aired on FOX yesterday night. While I don’t go into significant details of the story or plot, I do however describe several scenes.

Last night, FOX aired the finale of Fringe’s second season concluding a two-part episode called “Over There”. Eagle-eyed geeks out there (like me) may have caught a few glimpses of Windows 7 being used by a variety of characters throughout the episode. I thought this was really cool to see so I thought I’d share those glimpses.

The first shot of Windows 7 appears when the Fringe Team from the “other side” (alternative reality) arrives at the hospital where Walter is recovering. They were sent by the alternate Walter, or “Walternate”, to pick him up. They asked the receptionist to let them know where Walter was at and requested his medical records be erased – or “purged”. You can catch Windows 7 when the receptionist purges Walter’s medical records – including the Taskbar Preview feature!

The next shot of Windows 7 was when the alternate version of the Olivia character is checking the security camera. She pulls up the video feed and watches Walter escape.

And later toward the episode, the alternate Olivia accesses and displays some data by using Windows 7 through a display built into a table. You can see the Windows logo next to the display and Windows 7 on the display as alternate Olivia presses her hand onto the display to access the data. One would assume the display is touch-capable of course!

The episode was a great conclusion to the season and I certainly can’t wait to see what’s in store for Fringe’s third season in the fall! I wonder if we’ll see more Windows 7!

UPDATE 5/22: Unfortunately I had to remove the captures from the show. However, you can watch the episode below from Hulu and find these specific scenes to see Windows 7.