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June 28, 2010

You do not want to be the new Acer Predator’s prey

Last week I said “Keep it up, Acer!” after they released a pike of hot new notebooks. I guess they listened, because today they announced the brand new Acer Aspire AG7750 gaming rig, affectionately known in the gaming world as the “Predator”. Why? Because 1) It has some of the most impressive specs you can get in a desktop rig, and 2) it’s kind of scary looking.


The Predator is a monster machine, packed with the latest tech to make even the most intensive gaming feel like a walk in the park. It’s got a Core i7-930 processor, 12 GB of DDR3 RAM (yes, you read that right…12GB), and a hot swappable 1.5TB SATA drive. There are 3 additional HDD bays for expansion too, if for some reason 1500GB of storage just isn’t enough. Ports are plentiful – the Predator has 11 USB ports, 2 PCI Express x16 slots, two PCI Express x1 slots, and one each of Express x8 and standard PCI, as well as FireWire, two eSata ports, two DVI-D ports, TV out, a multi-format media card reader, two Ethernet ports and six audio jacks.


Graphics are NVIDIA GeForce GTX470 with full support for DirectX 11, NVIDIA CUDA, NVIDIA’s PhysX realistic physic engine, and SLI, which lets you scale your graphics to up to 3 of these bad-boy cards. One card should be plenty for most of us, but if you want to blow it out and triple-down, you can. And did I mention that if you get it with the Acer GD245HQ 3-D monitor, you can rock NVIDIA’s 3D Vision Technology and make this a fully capable 3D rig?

As you can see from the pictures, The Predator’s chassis is just as interesting as its guts; it’s black and bright orange and accented by sharp, menacing angles and LED backlighting. The case’s front is mechanized, so with the touch of a button you can open the case to access the USB & audio ports.

The Predator isn’t cheap – it starts at $1999 – but as I always say, you get what you pay for. I’ve been begging and pleading with the guys at Acer and they are shipping one out to me soon, so keep an eye out for my hands on review of the Predator. It’ll be a tough job playing games for hours and hours on this box, but hey, someone has to do it.

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