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June 29, 2010

Update: Sierra Wireless continues to expand AirCard Support for Device Stage

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah Zenz and I am the Ecosystem Marketing Lead for the Windows Developer and PC Ecosystem Team. I work with product management and product marketing to communicate the amazing things coming out of the Windows ecosystem- vast compatibility, improved quality with the logo, and talking about the coolest products around. You’ll be hearing from me on some of our exciting programs for customers and the great hardware and software on Windows 7. You can also reach me on Twitter @Windowsgal.

Back in March, Brandon updated you on the fact Sierra Wireless announced Device Stage Support for AirCard products. I wanted to provide an additional update that Sierra Wireless is making good on that promise. The latest AirCard products to support Device Stage and earn the Compatible with Windows 7 are:

  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® USB 301
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® USB 302
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® USB 306
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® USB 307
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® USB 308
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® USB 309
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® USB 310U
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® 501
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® 503
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® Compass 888
  • Sierra Wireless AirCard® Compass 889

All these devices have the same great Device Stage experience. They let you check for new firmware and software updates from Sierra Wireless, check your wireless broadband speed, go to Sierra Wireless’s online store to purchase any AirCard accessories, and of course their FAQ. Depending on your operator, you’ll see additional custom experiences.


Additional information can be found on the Sierra Wireless Windows 7 Device Stage page and the Sierra Wireless Windows 7 Support Page.