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September 13, 2010

Microsoft Hardware Announces LifeCam Studio

Today, the folks at Microsoft Hardware have announced the “big brother” to the LifeCam Cinema – the LifeCam Studio. The LifeCam Studio offers impressive video quality sporting a 1080p HD widescreen sensor using a high precision glass element lens that helps present a super realistic and clear image for both video and images. Of course the LifeCam Studio also utilizes TrueColor Technology to make sure the picture quality is great regardless of lighting conditions, and also includes ClearFrame Technology to ensure the video quality smooth and detailed.

LifeCam Studio 2010-09-13 001

  LifeCam Studio 2010-09-13 006

So what else does the LifeCam Studio have? It has a high-fidelity microphone for fantastic audio quality, a tripod thread so you can mount the camera onto a tripod, and also has auto-focus.

The LifeCam Studio is optimized for Windows Live. The LifeCam Studio takes 8 megapixel photos and using Windows Live Photo Gallery, you can retouch and adjust your photos you’ve taken with the LifeCam Studio and share them with family and friends to Windows Live, or Facebook or Flickr. You can of course tag people in those photos, add a caption and description tags too. Below is a picture of me in a state of awe over the quality of video and image quality the LifeCam Studio has…


And you can edit captured video in Windows Live Movie Maker as well and share with friends and family too.

And with the new Windows Live Messenger, you can do HD (widescreen) video chats with your friends as well! For the best experience, both parties should have a HD webcam.

You can download the betas of the new Windows Live Essentials that includes the new Messenger as well as the new Photo Gallery and Movie Maker here.

You can order a LifeCam Studio today via at