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September 24, 2010

The Wedding Video…

The next video brings new meaning to the word deadly, although lethal is a more appropriate description of Tina. The auditions for this one were hilarious. We hope you enjoy it too!

There’s more to Windows Live Movie Maker than meets the eye. Let’s take AutoMovie for example. AutoMovie is a feature that allows the user to make a polished movie in seconds. In 3 clicks or less, you add your pictures/movies, select a theme, add a song and you’re ready to share with family and friends. It’s such an easy effort when your sister-in-law hears about it…well, she might now be a happy camper. The truth is that you can make a great video of almost anything. You name it: a wedding vid, a sick skate vid, a vid of all the crazy parties at school, a vid of your Dad’s most embarrassing moments.

I like to use it to create quick movies for friends and family. My buddies usually like semester recap videos from school. It also makes mom and dad feel special without much effort. The point is…it’s your choice and it’s easy.

*DISCLAIMER: To all of the Tinas out there. I sincerely apologize; we picked a name out of a hat.

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