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September 27, 2010

Acer’s unveils the Aspire AS8943G gaming laptop with ATI’s new 2GB Mobility Radeon 5850

This morning Acer dropped a big ol’ bomb on the gaming world – two new models in its Aspire AS8943G gaming rig lineup that feature ATI’s smoking hot ATI Mobility Radeon 5850 GPU with 2GB (that’s right 2GB!) of video memory.  The new GPU is capable of powering even DirectX11 games in full HD at full frame rate, even on the Aspire’s 18.4” 1080p screen.  Other top-of-the-line features include a Core i7 quad-core processor (i7-740AM) up to 8GB of RAM, Dolby optimized sound, N-wireless and a 500GB drive. 

Aspire 8943G profile
Aspire 8943G touchpad[3]

With those kind of specs you’d expect the new Aspire to be crazy expensive, right? Wrong.  These babies start at $1499.99 – that’s a serious value for the kind of hardware that the new Aspires are packing.  You can get them starting this week.

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