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September 27, 2010

Finger-painting with CyberLink YouPaint & Windows Touch

CyberLink YouPaint is fun touch app for kids. Do you remember when you are little? Coloring? Tracing? Or just drawing a sketch? CyberLink YouPaint, another application to earn the Compatible with Windows 7 logo, brings all the same fun to the PC.

For kids who like to color, you can use the different paint options to create your own master piece. With tons of color options, finding the right color will not be an issue.


If your child is learning to draw, the trace functionality is great. They can choose between a crayon, chalk, pencil, or marker to trace fun kid drawings. With the stamps they can add butterflies, planets, grass, and much more. Tracing is also a great way to see how sensitive touch is as you can see by my mouse sketch below.


Any inconsistencies you may see are completely user error. If you have kids at home, I recommend downloading the trial and trying it out for yourself.